Toolshed’s Dick Huey On How To Rock Social Media And Importance Of Self Discipline #Podcast

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Dick Huey is a founder and CEO of Toolshed, a US based music marketing agency. Throughout his career Dick has orchestrated over 350 digital campaigns, worked at Beggars Group and consulted various companies including Spotify.

In this We Spin Recipes episode, Dick shared numerous tips on rocking your social media presence as a musician – from focusing on one network at a time to being determined, and never forgetting to put your personality in what you do.

He talked on where the music industry is heading to, the hack they used to place artists on MP3 blogs in 2000s, the DTF, income streams and other topics. Dick, who is also a board member of CASH Music, shared his favourite social media management tools and provided a great case on MNDR, an electronic music duo with releases on Ultra.

Dick Huey

Some of the topics covered in the conversation:

  • How Dick started at Beggars Group, and how he founded Toolshed.
  • Serving MP3 downloads for cheap back in early 2000s.
  • A shift in the music industry (and an open question to streaming services).
  • Why tech companies have to give back to the music ecosystem.
  • “Artists who put their own personalities in what they do are successful. Those that don’t are much less likely to be successful.”
  • When an artist is not into talking on social media.
  • Picking the right platform for each musician.
  • MNDR marketing case study.
  • Importance of being focused, determined and disciplined.

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