Release Date: June 27, 2015
Label: Mother Mallard Records

Bailey Williams:  Guitar, Piano, Main Vocals, Vocal Harmonies
Bryan Lewis: Bass, Guitar, Piano, Moog Analog Synthesizers, Vocal Harmonies
Michael Doty: Vocal harmonies
TJ Green: Drums and Percussion
Donald Bradley: Violin

01. Point Out The Sun
02. Alive at Least
03. Let’s Go to the Beach
04. Cold Bathroom Tile
05. Emerson
06. Day By Day
07. Ocean Floor
08. Wait For Me
09. Heat Mirage

Press Photos:
Photos by Bailey Williams and Wyatt Mann

Bailey Williams & The Cherannes 1
Bailey Williams & The Cherannes 2
Bailey Williams & The Cherannes 3
Bailey Williams & The Cherannes 4
Emerson album cover (artwork by Bailey Williams, edited by Bryan Lewis)

Press releases/Quotes:

“Beautiful, breezy yet intertwined w/ slightly haunted moments of quiet introspection, Bailey Williams and company have produced a supremely enjoyable pop record that isn’t very easy to stop listening to all the time” -Jake Borowski

Review of ‘Swift & Sudden’ on MusicEmissions

Neil King’s review of ‘Emerson’



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Bailey Williams began as a folk singer-songwriter who sang in a whisper, but found confidence in her true sound when she teamed up with Bryan Lewis of The Golden Mallard to record her first professional EP, Infinite Temporarily. After releasing this acoustic-driven yet experimental album, the two decided to take Williams’ songs to the next level with their last EP, Swift & Sudden. For this full-band album, they brought TJ Green on board to play drums, Lewis incorporated more synthesizers, and Williams switched her focus to electric guitar.

Swift received praise from many, including Secretly Canadian artist Damien Jurado who personally asked the band to play a show with him after hearing the album. After taking a short break, the band is reunited, with the addition of Ceiling Star’s Sir Michael Harold Doty on bass, and Donald Bradley on violin. Their first full-length album, Emerson, will be available nationwide on June 27th, 2015. With emphasis on using as little EQ as possible, Williams and Lewis believe this to be the greatest, and most natural sounding album yet to be spawned by The Golden Mallard collective.

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