[ezcol_1half]MARSHALL LEWIS
Release Date: February 19, 2016

01. Wild
02. Not A Mechanical Dance Of Atoms
03. Under The Wave
04. Lost River
05. Erased
06. Look Around

Written and Recorded by Marshall Lewis, c 2015 ASCAP
Produced and Mixed by Kevin Flick and Marshall Lewis
Management: Kevin Flick, 574-386-0851

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Marshall Lewis Bio (pdf)

Press Release:
Marshall Lewis Press Release (pdf)

After being locked away in a recording studio for eight months, Marshall Lewis is physically releasing his second EP, Learned, on February 19th. Lewis co-produced the EP with his manager and engineer, Kevin Flick (Puddlegum). Learned comprises six songs, including an instrumental track that splits the EP and sets the tone for the second half.

Learned is penned from a space of healing, and elevates selective layers of instruments that highlight this emotive change. Pedal steel, tribal drums, unassuming yet eloquent viola, and guitar that becomes the blood in your veins, all speak as a vulnerable – yet surviving – body, making Learned a sort of letter Lewis wrote to himself. He has molded it to tell both a story from a cornered heart of innocence to an unexplainable bravery and passion that sweeps you into a surreal sense of purpose.

“[Marshall Lewis] is still a young soul dealing with old issues but now from the vantage point of someone who has punched through the tangled webs of myriad volatile emotions, mastered his crafts in the process, and left a platonic, beseeching love letter to the world” (NUVO).

Lewis recorded all of the instruments for three songs: Erased, Under the Wave, and Look Around. Marshall ngerpicked acoustic guitar, classical guitar, and electric guitar, and also tracked banjo, keys, percussion, and nearly all of the vocals on the EP. “Nothing is auto-tuned on this EP, which attests to Marshall’s determination to track until we have the right take. The studio brings out his creativity, and I sometimes struggle to keep up as he instinctively lays down layer after layer.” explains Kevin Flick.

These six songs feature their dear friend, Jeff Hockett (Jake Dodds), on pedal steel,
and Andrew Henry on viola. Jeff tracked pedal steel for two songs, Not A Mechanical Dance of Atoms, and the instrumental, Lost River. Andrew Henry provided layers of viola that intersperse the second track and paints the landscape for the stirring instrumental. Videographer and drummer Zak Stoldt (The Stills) tracked drums and percussion for Not A Mechanical Dance of Atoms, and is producing a music video for Look Around. Stoldt is Marshall’s live drummer, and has become an integral part of the band. Drew Cox (Jake Dodds) skillfully laid the percussion for the opening track, Wild. Wild also features Peter Frey (Kazyak) on electric guitar, and Robert Widlowski on bass.