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The Lark EP
Release Date: February 19, 2016

01. Celeste Rainbow
02. The Lark
03. Fan The Spark
04. Gloria’s Pocket Watch
05. Kiss Kim For Me, I May Be Delayed

Music by Pamela Martinez
Mixed by Al Carlson
Mastered by Joe Lambert

Press Photos (right-click to download):

Teletextile 1 (Photo by Chris Castillo / Jessica Attie, Photo Weaving by Alexandra Wisniewski)
Teletextile 2 (Photo by Chris Castillo, Photo Weaving by Alexandra Wisniewski)
Teletextile 3 (Photo by Chris Castillo, Photo Weaving by Alexandra Wisniewski)
Teletextile 4 (Photo by Jessica Attie, Photo Illustration by Chris Castillo, Photo Weaving by Alexandra Wisniewski)



Teletextile Bio (pdf)

Teletextile is the performance project of the multi-instrumentalist Pamela Martinez, a moniker she chose to describe the sonic tapestry that supports her flowing songwriting.  Teletextile’s name alludes to the fantasies and daydreams Martinez lived while working at a fabric store for 6 years throughout high school and her years at Berklee College of Music. Her “Bjork-like” sound (The Boston Globe) moves from vocal layering and “electronic wizardry” (Metronome Magazine) to “dense, stormy guitar, piano and electronics” (Time Out New York). In her latest release, The Lark EP, Martinez guides her listener through dreamscapes of timeless suspension woven through narratives of living with heartbreak. “The Lark is a bird known for its love song,” Martinez says, “but it’s less known for its tendency to have more than one mate at a time.”

Martinez has toured extensively with Teletextile, in addition to singing with electronic producer / songwriter Chad Valley in the U.S., Europe, the U.K. and Asia.  As a genre-hopping musician, Martinez has performed violin at Carnegie Hall with a Carnatic Indian music ensemble, sung R&B tunes in San Fransisco’s historic Fillmore Theater and takes part in extravagant performance art happenings all over New York City. She can be found as a guest harpist and vocalist on many projects, including the new Autre Ne Veut record. Martinez is making plans to release her fourth full-length studio album as Teletextile.

At home in Brooklyn, Martinez’s passes on the craft of music to her community by teaching violin, voice, piano, guitar, songwriting, and music theory to all ages and levels of students at Brooklyn Music School.