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I’ve loved these days: a much-delayed love letter to NYC

We were on our way to meet Nash and Eddie. And that’s why this South by Southwest was going to be different – instead of wearing out a pair of shoes going from club to club, this time I was bringing friends to *me* and I was playing roadie, a role I hadn’t really done since my early artist management days traveling with Ron Sexsmith across the US, and before that with Cheralee Dillon and Bob Wiseman across Europe in an old van with a transmission that blew up somewhere in the foothills of southern France […]

How do you spell non-fungible token?

When I was in fourth grade, I planned to win the spelling bee. I was a compulsive reader, and being a good speller came from that. I chose the upcoming elementary spelling bee to be my early rockstar moment. Years later, toting an acoustic guitar around the streets of North Carolina’s largest city, rockstar action […]

Detours on the road from A to B

For some months I’ve been thinking about writing regularly. Actually, that’s not true. I’ve been thinking about this for some years, come to think of it more than a decade. The No Dessert For You header on this is the header of the music blog I started in 2006, hired a writer, never really went […]